Art Kollectiv understands the need for galleries to connect to their clients and work to enable galleries to expand their audience. We promote exhibitions and artworks to our users, which helps to increase traffic to galleries websites. Art Kollectiv works as a marketing tool for galleries, providing them with the opportunity to join a network of galleries and be able to record metrics and assess competition.  Art Kollectiv provides galleries with all the functions that they've been using social media for, in a centralised one-stop shop.


Art Kollectiv grasps how modern marketing works and understands that Artists don’t want to lose their individuality but that visibility and representation are a necessary function for survival. Our platform will equip artists with the exposure and the visibility they need to become represented and to sustain presence within the industry. Art Kollectiv provides an empowering domain where artists are in control of their own self-marketing and have the ability to house a folio archive their work while gaining an online following.


Art Kollectiv understands it’s never to early or late to start collecting art. We act as a resource hub that gathers relevant art world information for our collectors. We provide functionality, which directly engages our galleries and consultants. Collectors are granted with exclusive benefits and services such as personalised communication and recommendation alerts. Art Kollectiv will allow art purchasing to turn into an everyday activity, with a primary focus on collecting for leisure.


With our discovery functionality, anyone can be connected to the art that they want without having to scour through endless feeds of work themselves. We'll act like a dating service for you to filter through our index to help unearth the art you like with ease. You can show support by following artists and galleries, and additionally can sign up to receive their activity updates on your portfolio feed. This way, you’ll never be out of the loop about what’s happening around you, and be up to date with all the latest creations.